We Help Young Producers

Thursday December 27th, 2018 09:01:29 PM Bob Lilly
We Help Young Producers The epic movie Gone with the Wind cost $4 million to produce in 1939. In 2018 it would not even get you a leading man. The movie and entertainment business has changed over the years. And so have the risks that are involved in creating the next academy award winner. The […]

Are Special Events In Your Future?

Sunday December 16th, 2018 08:59:11 PM Bob Lilly
Every promoter or event organizer knows how important to keep the operation running right up to the very end. But bad thing happens, and that is why you need event cancellation insurance. In the event that you have to cancel or postpone your special event due to an unforeseen circumstance, John Hart Insurance can offer […]

We Think of Insurance as a Promise

Wednesday December 12th, 2018 08:56:57 PM Bob Lilly
Entertainment update Many people look at insurance as a commodity, like buying car or a piece of furniture.  Consequently, they become caught up in searching for the lowest price for the “product of insurance.”  Insurance is less of a commodity, and more of a promise or service. Promise vs. product Entertainment insurance is a promise […]

Entertainment Insurance You Got To Love It

Sunday December 9th, 2018 04:02:33 PM Bob Lilly
Most of us would never say we love our insurance. In fact, most clients don’t even read their business insurance policy. Maybe after you read this story you may have a different opinion. Know Your Business Liability Coverage Bodily Injury–Bodily Injury to a third party. Multimedia Production E&O -Provides Producers & Distributors E&O Coverage. Property […]

Movie Insure  – We Are Independent

Tuesday November 27th, 2018 07:06:55 PM Bob Lilly
 We are an independent agency. This means we don’t work for any one insurance company. We have access to many markets, giving us the ability to shop your account and search the market for the best option for you. With captive insurance agents, like the big national companies, you only get the guidance of one […]

Stunt Insurance

Monday November 19th, 2018 07:03:26 PM Bob Lilly
Safety of performers is always the number one priority; whether it is maintaining a safe working environment or ensuring the physical safety of actors and stunt professionals. Many productions use stunts while filming their movie, commercial, or short film. Even training films often include stunts as part of the production.  However, many traditional insurance packages […]

If It Is Fun….We Insure It

Sunday November 11th, 2018 07:00:41 PM Bob Lilly
If It Is Fun….We Insure It MovieInsure takes insurance seriously. But we understand that our clients are in the entertainment business, and many times that is fun. You are providing fun and relaxation for the public. Here are just a few of the kinds of entertainment we insure and the most common risk associated with […]

Do You Need Insurance Coverage For a Short Term?

Tuesday October 30th, 2018 01:06:22 AM Bob Lilly
Every day in Los Angles there are literally dozens of production companies are shooting commercials, training films or engaged in other activities.  Many times these are short-term projects and do not require an annual entertainment policy. All these activities bring with them unique risks that should be insured. And when it comes to entertainment insurance, […]

Why Event Planners Need Insurance

Thursday October 25th, 2018 01:03:04 AM Bob Lilly
What Coverage Do I Need for My Special Event? Are you involved in promoting a special event? Special Event Insurance must be part of your planning. Special Event Insurance can provide the necessary security to ensure that if something does go wrong, you and your guests are protected. What is Special Event Insurance? There are […]

The Risks of Drone Ownership

Friday October 12th, 2018 01:03:30 AM Bob Lilly
More and more businesses are purchasing and using drones for a number of reasons.  Drones have been used in the entertainment business for a number of years.  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), affectionately referred to as “Drones”, are revolutionizing the industry as we know it. Drone insurance is a vital component in protecting the “Owner/operator” of […] Articles

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