Why We Insure Movies

Wednesday April 25th, 2018 06:00:57 PM Bob Lilly
Movies, films, documentaries and short films entertain us and may even bring a tear to our eyes. But for film producers, an uninsured loss can bring tears to their eyes as well.  offers a check list for film producers to make sure the right production insurance is in place. Our mission is to serve […]

What Is Included In A Commercial Auto Liability Policy?

Monday April 16th, 2018 05:56:46 PM Bob Lilly
Do you operate an entertainment business that requires you to have a vehicle to deliver your goods and services to your clients?  Do you have a fleet of delivery trucks that are on the road 24/7? Small firms who own or operate vehicles have the same risks as large firms.  You are at risk of […]

We Can Insure Your Next Documentary

Wednesday April 11th, 2018 05:54:47 PM Bob Lilly
Documentaries come in many forms. Some take years to shoot and produce, while others may only take a few months. No matter how big or small, having the proper production insurance for your documentary can be one of the most important things you can have. All the activities associated with filming a documentary bring unique […]

Entertainment Business Insurance

Monday April 9th, 2018 06:53:42 PM Bob Lilly
Movies, films, documentaries and short films entertain us and may even bring a tear to our eyes. But for film producers, an uninsured loss can bring tears to their eyes as well. Our mission is to serve filmmakers with the best policies their dollar can buy. Our diversified staff utilizes state-of-the-art technology to make your […]

Event Cancellation Insurance

Tuesday March 27th, 2018 10:56:20 PM Bob Lilly
A Business Insurance Update Is there anything worse than planning and preparing for a special event only to have it canceled at the last minute due to weather, or some other unforeseen reason? Special events are important and you want your event to go off without any issues. Event Cancelation Insurance helps protect your business […]

Leased or Rented Equipment

Wednesday March 21st, 2018 10:53:20 PM Bob Lilly
Like many organizations, your business may rent or lease equipment from time to time. You may be planning a special event and need a tent to accommodate 250 people as part of a business activity. Or, perhaps you are renting a sound system for a concert, or leasing office equipment such as your copier.  These […]

We Offer A Complete Range Of Insurance For The Entertainment Industry

Monday March 12th, 2018 10:51:46 PM Bob Lilly
We work with many different kinds of entertainment firms. We know and understand your risk and are ready to help your business thrive. Cast Insurance – Reimburses the production company for any extra expense necessary to complete principal photography of an insured production due to death, injury or sickness of any scheduled performer or director. […]

We Protect Your Investment With Insurance

Wednesday February 28th, 2018 01:29:40 AM Bob Lilly
California Entertainment Insurance The epic movie Gone with the Wind cost $4 million to produce in 1939. In 2015, that amount would not even cover the cost of a leading man. The movie and entertainment business has changed over the years, and so have the risks that are involved in creating the next academy award […]

Why Insurance Is Needed For Your Production

Thursday February 22nd, 2018 01:22:55 AM Bob Lilly
A few years ago we were all shocked and saddened by the sudden and tragic death of Paul Walker. Paul was in the two-seater Porsche Carrera GT when the car somehow lost control and slammed into a post or a tree, and the car burst into flames. This is a good reminder of the role […]

Is Your Production Covered?

Wednesday February 14th, 2018 01:23:36 AM Bob Lilly
At Insurance Services we focus exclusively on understanding the unique needs of motion picture, television, video, music, film schools and theatrical companies.  This knowledge base allows us to structure a production insurance program specifically for each client that will be a balance of the best coverage and most economical solutions to help the client […] Articles

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